Fire Ant Poison


The first thing that people consider when faced with a fire ant infestation is to buy poison. This is generally considered to be the most effective way to kill fire ants, but it is vital that the mound be poisoned correctly.

A common mistake is to poison the mound only enough to kill the surface ants and not enough to kill the entire colony. Even if you poison a fire ant mound enough to kill half the colony, it will rebuild with lightning speed. The queen will continue to lay eggs and the larvae will continue to develop into worker ants. While you have a false sense of security, the dead ants will be replaced within a few
weeks and the mound will be just as dangerous as before.

To poison the entire mound, every ant will have to come into contact with the fire ant poison- and that includes the queen. The problem with many insect poisons is that they kill off the worker ants, the females that forage and work in and around the mound, and they die without taking the poison back to the queen ant.

To combat this problem, choose your fire ant poison with care. Choose one that will bait the ant and encourage it to eat the poison and to go back into the mound before dying. There are a number of “sweet” fire ant poisons that are formulated to do just that. Once the ants take the poison back underground, the poisoned ants will come into contact with other ants who come into contact with still more. With enough ants poisoned and spreading it to others, the queen

will become infected and she too will die.

The best poisons are delivered in either liquid or gel formats. Because ants are always in search of a moisture source, this will satisfy the need to drink and encourage the consumption of the poison. Fire ant poisons also contain proteins and other nutrients to encourage the ants to consume plenty of it and to lead the other ants to what they believe is a food source.

Homemade Fire Ant Poisons

While many websites encourage the use of homemade remedies that use borax, bleach, liquid soap or even aspartame, these poisons will only cause the affected ants to die and will not result in the death of the mound. If you have fire ants indoors, this may be a short-term remedy for killing the ants that have come inside without brining out the heavy-duty poisons that shouldn’t be in the home.

To achieve this, mix one part bleach and one part water and spray it directly on the indoor ants. This will kill them quickly and allow you time to tackle the mound outdoors.


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