Other Methods for Killing Fire Ants


Killing fire ants can be done with a specially formulated fire ant poison, but over the years homeowners have come up with many other methods of killing them. Their effectiveness on larger mounds may vary, but they can be effective for destroying young mounds in some cases. While these aren’t the recommended methods, they may provide fast solutions for some.

Boiling Water

One of the oldest tricks for killing fire ant colonies is to pour large amounts of boiling water directly into the mound. This is a dangerous method, as it can disturb the mound and push the ants to attack. If you choose this method, stay as far from the mound as possible and wear tall, thick boots as you pour. If the mound is particularly deep, the boiling water may not reach deep enough to kill the queen. For best results, use 2 to 3 gallons of boiling water and treat the mound during the mid-afternoon, anytime from 12 to 2 p.m. Treat the mound two or three times to ensure that the water reaches deeply into the soil.

If you use the boiling water method, carefully watch the mound in the days after the treatment. If the mound begins to rebuild itself, try a different method to eradicate it.

Using Boric Acid

Some people use water and boric acid mixtures to kill fire

ants, often adding the boric acid to boiling water. Another

variation of this is to sprinkle boric acid around the mound or leaving out small bowls of boric acid, water and sugar to bait and poison the ants. This method can be effective in some cases, as boric acid is known to be easily passed from one insect to another. You can also try mixing boric acid and sugar and sprinkling the mixture lightly around the mound. Treat the mound every two weeks and after each rain for the best effectiveness.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth is a substance that kills insects by dehydrating their bodily fluids. This substance is often used by those who want to keep an organic yard and want to avoid harmful chemicals. All natural and non-toxic to humans, it is a solution that will kill surface fire ants and other harmful insects, but it is unlikely to be carried back to the queen.


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